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Helicopter CH-11

It's a single seat, counter rotating helicopter, actually powered with a ROTAX engine of 75 H.P. It allows the adaptation of another piston engine and also a turbine engine.

This aircraft counts with a novel commands system that allows manoeuvrability as efficient as the conventional helicopters. Beside that, this commands system makes easier the installation of autonomous controls to make it a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle); as new functions appears every day for this kind of aircrafts, it generates a potential and continuously growing market.

Among the advantages of this helicopter it is to highlight its higher load capacity (approximately 15 % higher than a conventional helicopter with the same power) and the safety when carrying out maneuver in confined areas; due to the absence of the tail rotor it is eliminated the main source of accidents.

Projected uses:

  • Personal transportation.
  • Lift operations.
  • Agricultural tasks.
  • Support to tasks at remote areas.
  • Recognition and report tasks.
  • Multiple uses as UAV.