It’s Pure adrenaline. Ultra light, super versatile.

Ultralight single-seater and two-seater tandem for sports use.

Decades of Evolution of the Cicaré 7 Ángel conclude in a notable improvement in design and safety, powered by the world-renowned and reliable Rotax 912 and 914.

The morphology of the cabin resulted in a volume of pure forms and high aerodynamic efficiency.


The seat arranged in the center of the cabin allows great visibility from both sides (+ d 180 °). The Cicaré 7 feels like an extension of your body.


Both Rotax 912 y 914 offer power and trust to the Cicaré 7 product family.


Ease and comfort in flight, the governor facilitates pilot's work, in like all Cicaré helicopters, this auxiliary system becomes essential for a smooth trip. Relax knowing its unique clutch system allows the pilot to have control of the power and request it at any time, without the need to disconnect the system. In autorotation maneuvers, when below 80% of RPM, the governor holds for the pilot to manually return to operating range. Practicing autorotation stays realistic, safe, and easy.


Manufactured from SAE 4130 Chrome Molybdenum Steel of aeronautical quality and welded in a spatial cross-linked manner. Forming a light and very resistant structure with a focus on the safety of the crew.

Instrument Panel

Available emu (Engine Management Unit for Rotax 912 iS / 915 iS with double redundant CAN aerospace interface including GPS receiver and EMDS data display tool)

Power Transmission

When you request power from the engine this set will assure the helicopter’s response. To the pilot’s unawareness, the centrifugal clutch system ensures a smooth and gradual coupling between the engine and the transmission (MRGB). In reaction, the MRGB transfers power to the main blades, while a system of belts, flex plate-plate, and pulleys distribute it between the main and tail rotor with very little erosion of response and power.

Aerial Application Kit

Adaptable to all our models. It accurately and effectively covers up to 30 hectares without the need for replenishment, with its 80-liter load for fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Transform your Cicaré into a powerful work tool.

Different configurations available to fit all flight needs

Start flying with our Cicaré 7