Feel our passion: aggressive, dominant with an appearance that perfectly conveys its virtues and qualities. Pure Adrenaline!

An ultralight helicopter, two-seater side by side, maneuverable and efficient with engine alternatives from 135-140 hp that make it an extremely agile machine. Fed by two 32-liter fuel tanks, which offer 2.5 hours of flight and a low operating cost. The design of its semi-rigid rotor allows sharp maneuvers with very low vibrations even at maximum power.


Sober, modern, smooth, and continuous lines, clean, pure, and compact.

Engine covers

Their design allows for easy access to the helicopter core mechanical components.

Functional design: Wide doors for comfortable access, ample instrument panel, excellent visibility from inside, reduced frontal area, and an efficient aerodynamic profile



Entirely made of carbon fiber, the cockpit is a lightweight cage-shaped semi-monocoque capable of absorbing energy by deformation for the protection of its crew, complemented by the fuselage of Chrome Molybdenum Steel SAE 4130 of aeronautical quality and welded in a reticulated way.
Diagrama de la estructura del Cicaré 8



Designed for comfort and ergonomics of its crew. Upholstered in genuine bovine leather and available in various colors. Under the seat includes a comfortable compartment for personal items.
Cyclic command

Unique patented design with removable copilot arm and self-adjustable height on both sides for easy access.

Tail rotor Commands

Adjustable pedals to the hight of the pilot and Co-pilot.

Top panel

Conveniently located at the center of the cabin for simple and comfortable access to start/stop the engine and for a glance at the fuses at any moment.

Instrument panel

Ample and configurable with mini Ipad, Garmin Aera 500 series o 796 (Optional)


With two possible options the Cicare 8 assures a fit for any customer:


Ease and comfort in flight, the governor facilitates pilot's work, in like all Cicaré helicopters, this auxiliary system becomes essential for a smooth trip. Relax knowing its unique clutch system allows the pilot to have control of the power and request it at any time, without the need to disconnect the system. In autorotation maneuvers, when below 80% of RPM, the governor holds for the pilot to manually return to operating range. Practicing autorotation stays realistic, safe, and easy.

We care, every engine we use considers our environment. All our models consume on average 35% less fuel than comparable aircraft. Doing our part in reducing the carbon footprint on our planet.

Power Transmission

When you request power from the engine this set will assure the helicopter’s response. To the pilot’s unawareness, the centrifugal clutch system ensures a smooth and gradual coupling between the engine and the transmission (MRGB). In reaction, the MRGB transfers power to the main blades, while a system of belts, flex plate-plate, and pulleys distribute it between the main and tail rotor with very little erosion of response and power. 


Decades of development, thousands of flight hours, strict control of raw materials, production processes, and quality controls translate into unmatched performance, maneuverability, and flight comfort. Additionally, the blades’ inertia, mass distribution, and high lift ratio provide safety and energy to the rotor in autorotation maneuvers. 

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