Taking training to a whole new level

Únique in the world

The Cicaré Trainer is a helicopter on a grounded mobile platform, which allows all movements to be carried out with total control and safety.

A system with pneumatic cylinders compresses air to assist the ascent and descent of the aircraft, graduating the difficulty in learning when more or less air is used.

Low operating cost, ease of maintenance, and above all else, safe. Proven operational efficiency for more than 20 years in Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and the Middle East.
Más de 20 años operando en Asia, Europa, Estados Unidos, Australia, Brasil, Chile, Argentina y Medio Oriente.


  • A Reduction from 60 to 80% of the cost of the training hour.
  • Substantially minimizes the risk of accidents during the most critical stage of training.
  • Optimize learning times according to the stress level of each stage, experience, or skill of the student.
  • It allows the Armed and safety Forces to expedite the selection of aspiring pilots in the early stages of training. 

System features

An electronic safety system ensures that the aspiring pilot never exceeds the limits of the helicopter.

A mobile application in an android based tablet provides a control dashboard that allows the instructor to monitor the performance of the trainer, create emergency conditions, simulate failure indications, or abort the operation if he deems it necessary, all in real-time.