Our expertise translates into a culture of continuous innovation and the constant search for perfection.


Innovation is an identity trait of Cicaré. We have developed numerous technologies of rotors; from semi-rigid to articulated in conventional or counter-rotating configurations. In engines; from alternatives to a turbine in various dimensions; single-seaters from 115 kgs to two-seaters of 1400 kgs of empty weight. Innovation is at the core of our business.


Cyclic Command

Cyclic control stick - Each crew member can independently adjust the cyclic stride height for safe and comfortable operation.

Helicopter platform

The system is designed to hold a conventional Cicaré 7 helicopter in ground effect and with minimal risk allows it to perform all hovering and translation maneuvers up to one meter in height without losing contact with the ground.

Main rotor Commands system

This Unique system, originally patented by cicare in the 1990s, with control bars that go thru the inside of the mast; provides greater safety and reduced aerodynamic drag. The swashplate is simple, lightweight, and sits below the mast, contributing to stability (a CG further from the center of the rotor increases stability), ease of preflight inspection, and maintenance.


Cicaré 11 VS

Hybrid two-seater between a counter-rotating helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft, which combines the benefits of both types of aircraft. Capable of performing vertical takeoffs and landings.

Cicaré Trainer

Powered by an electric motor, based on the Cicaré Trainer, this project is the ideal platform to start developing electric helicopters. At the same time we achieve an emission-free training.