Over 60 years sharing Agusto Cicare’s passion for making and flying helicopters.


Augusto Cicaré

Augusto «Pirincho» Cicaré
1937 – 2022


Luciano Alvarez

Luciano Alvarez
Technical support

Eduardo Estrada

Eduardo J. Estrada | LinkedIn
Engineering and Production Manager

Indalecio Sabbioni

Indalecio Sabbioni | LinkedIn
Design team leader

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Marcos David
Gerente de Ventas 

Advisory Board

Eduardo Oreste

Eduardo Oreste | LinkedIn

Specialist in business strategy and management with more than 30 years of experience in business development.


Marcelo Raciti

Marcelo Raciti | LinkedIn

Entrepreneur, Systems Engineer. Expert in information technology, costs and workflow with more than 28 years of experience.

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In more than 60 years of career, Augusto Cicaré (Augusto Cicaré – Wikipedia / Augusto Cicaré – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) was able to display exceptional talent for R&D. He is a pioneer of solutions and systems worldwide, and of the category of ultralight helicopters itself.

Today, accompanied by his family and a team of experts who have brought all that history to a world-renowned and unique R&D company.

Between his 11 to 14 years, Agusto Cicare builds his first four-stroke engine to run a washing machine, designs a 500 cm3 engine, and his four-speed gearbox with an overhead camshaft.


At 18 years of age, he develops and manufactures a 6 (six) HP two-stroke, single-cylinder, stationary type diesel engine.


The image of a helicopter in a popular mechanics magazine awakens his passion for helicopters and begins to figure out how to make one and build it.


With only the materials at hand, he finished building the Cicaré CH-1 helicopter, the first of its kind developed and built in the American southern hemisphere.


Flyes for the first time the Cicaré CH-2


Create an airplane flight simulator, the first in South America. UADE distinguishes him for this work.
At the request of Juan Manuel Fangio, he designs and builds an engine to install in DKW cars. i20


Develops the Cicaré CH-3 with the support of the Argentine Air Force and private entrepreneurs.


Develops the Cicaré CH-4, the world's first ultralight.


The recently developed Cicare CH-6, is featured at EAA U.S.A. Annual Convention (Oshkosh) featuring a unique single-seater helicopter powered by a 64 HP Rotax 582 engine.

Signs an agreement with the Argentine Air Force to develop a helicopter for agricultural use, the Cicaré CH-5.



The world-renowned Italian Marcelo Gandini, designer of the Lamborghini Diablo, designs the cabin of the Cicaré CH-7 “Angel”


Cicaré Helicópteros S.A. is created and the new CH-8 UL project performs its first flights, an ultralight, two-seater, and twin-engine helicopter.


Cicaré develops the Cicaré SVH-3 Helicopter Flight Trainer. Patented in Argentina and the United States.


Cicaré creates the CH-7 2000VL. An ultralight helicopter with two engines, being able to land with a single operating engine providing added safety and minimizing risks.

Additionally, the Cicare CH-10 Helicopter is developed: Coaxial, single-seater and twin-engine


The new CH-11C flies, a counter-rotating helicopter with an unprecedented variable pitch command system.


The SVH-3 is presented at the Convention of the International Helicopter Association HAI, the first time for an Argentine product.


The CH-2002, a two-seater helicopter with a turbine engine, flies.


Cicaré S.A. was established, the first helicopter series development and production plant in Latin America.


In conjunction with the Argentine Army, the first test flight of the Cicaré CH-14, is developed and carried out. The first turbine-propelled helicopter developed in Latin America.


Cicaré CH-12, a two-seater side by side helicopter


The first Cicaré 7B was exported to Australia.


A new side-by-side two-seater helicopter, the Cicaré 8, was introduced and certification began immediately.


Visit of the President of the Nation and Governor of the province on the occasion of an investment to increase production


Agreement is signed with INVAP and Marinelli Technology for the development of the RUAS-160A


Augusto Cicaré, the father of ultralight helicopters, together with his team designed the most powerful ultralight on the market: the Cicaré 8 with a Rotax 915 engine.


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